AstraFit installation into mobile application

Main parts of the installation:

    1. Get an API key

    2. Create a button to call the AstraFit Fitting Room Widget 

    3. Show or hide button

    4. Open widget by link in webview


1. Get an API key

To work with the functionality described in this guide, you need to have access to the API. The API key can be obtained from your manager in AstraFit.

To read how to go through authentication, click here.


2. Create a button to call the Fitting Room Widget 

You need to create the button that will call the widget yourself.


2.1 Appearance of the button

Recommended appearance of the button:


Here are allowed options for the text on the button in English:

    "Visual fit check measured by hand"

    "Visual fit check enter body parameters"

The fitting room logo is available here in white and black. Use a logo color that contrasts best with the background color.

All significant deviations in the button design (color, shape, text) must be approved by AstraFit. Please contact your manager for this.


2.2 Button location

The button must be placed on your shop’s product card. Place the button next to the size selector so the user can easily find it.

Do not hide buttons inside hidden page elements.


Example of a great button placement


3. Show or hide button

You only need to display the Fitting button on the products that already have a digital profile in and are ready for use. Accordingly, if the product is not ready, then the Fitting button should be hidden.

You need to make a request to get ready-to-use information.

POST smart-data - more details available here

This request must be made every time a product page is opened, even if it was done before. Please do not store the result of the request because the status of the product can change at any time.


4. Open widget by link in webview

The order in which the widget is opening consists of three steps:



The user presses the Fitting button.



You send a request to receive a link to AstraFit Fitting Room

POST user-link - more details available here 

This request must be made every time you press the Fitting button, even if it was done before. Please do not store the result of the query, because the link has a limit on frequency and time of use.

Please, in any queries to AstraFit only transmit the data that are required. Avoid mentioning your user’s personal data or any other data that may be transmitted in violation of the GDPR privacy legislation.



You open Webview (or a similar element) by clicking on the link that you received in the previous step.

DomStorage support is recommended.



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