How to Integrate AstraFit with Wix?

Step 1 - Install main “Loader” Script

Please add the main script to all the pages of your website. It is better to place it closer to the beginning of the page.

The main script is generated for you in your personal account.

1.1 Access your account here. Please note that you must have admin rights to see the installation code. 

Please copy Main Script “Loader”


1.2 Open Your Website "Dashboard" on WIX, go to "Settings" -> scroll to "Advanced" -> select “Custom Code”.


1.3 Click the "+ Add Custom Code" button.


Fill out the form as follows :

- Paste "Main script" that you copied in step 1.1 into the field "Paste the code snippet here:"

- Field "Name:" fill out with "AstraFit"

- When you see "Add Code to Pages", select "All pages" and "Load code on each new page"

- When you see "Place Code In", select "Head"


1.4 Publish your WIX site.


Step 2 - Install widget tag “Button” 

2.1 Go to the list of All Items in AstraFit and select the digitized item on which you are going to install the fitting room widget. If you do not have digitized items yet,  create a new one and digitize it in order to continue the installation procedure.


2.2 Copy the "AstraFit ID" located in the right pane on the item page.


2.3 Open Your Website "Dashboard" on WIX, go to "Store Products" -> Select the appropriate product.


2.4 In the product description, write a phrase like #astrafit: 123456, where 123456 is the AstraFit ID that we copied in step 2.2.

Then select the entire phrase and press the "I" button in the ‘Text Style Toolbar’ to highlight it in italic.

It is better to place the phrase at the beginning of the text, so the button stay in one place.


2.5 Save the item. Now this phrase will turn into a button if the product is digitized in the AstraFit Account.


2.6 Repeat steps 2.1 - 2.5 for all the products you want to place the fitting room widget for.


Well Done!

The basic logic of the service is to hide the Button widget when product data is not available.

To test the integration, you can create a test product in your AstraFit account.

Please let our support team,, know that you have completed the above, and send them a link of a product page with the widget integrated. We will check if everything is working properly and will be able to proceed with setup.


How to display widget “button” for products that consist of more than one part:

If the page contains a complete product consisting of several products, then for each of the parts of the kit you need to add the “Button” widget code to the product page. You can find more information  here.


What to do if you have questions:

Please contact us at We are always ready to help!


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