Display alternative information on the widget place (if the product is not digitized).

This feature makes it possible to display alternative information while/if the fitting room widget is not ready to show (for example, if the product is not digitized yet). 

This is a very good practice since avoids confusion for the end user and help keep the product page UX friendly.


To implement the replacement of alternative message (like the “size table” button) by the fitting room button, you must place the tag with the ASTRAFIT-WDGT-FALLBACK class in the body of the widget tag and place the necessary information inside this tag.

The complexity and formatting of the information inside this tag can be any and does not affect the operation of the Widget.

Let's place the phrase "Size grid" in case the widget WILL NOT be displayed.


<! - AstraFit.button ->

<div class = "astrafit-wdgt"



<div class = "astrafit-wdgt-fallback"> Dimension Grid </div>


<! - /AstraFit.button ->

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