Using GA segments with AstraFit

You can track people who use the AstraFit fitting room in your Google Analytics using GA segments.

To do this, the functionality of sending events from AstraFit to your GA must be connected.
If you do not know if such functionality is connected, then contact your AstraFit manager.
To add the segments you need:
Go to and sign in to your Google Account. 
Follow the links below and follow the instructions to add prepared segments to your GA account:
• Segment of users who used AstraFit: 
• Segment of users who did not use AstraFit: 
Now you have added 2 segments that allocate users who used or did not use the AstraFit fitting room in their GA.

How to use segments?

1. Go to one of the standard GA reports, for example, "Audience - overview":

2.  Click the "Add segment" button at the top of the screen:
3. Select  two segments "Visitors who did not use AstraFit" and "Visitors who used AF" and click the "Apply" button:

4. Done. Now for each metric, you can see the indicators for the three segments, for example, here is how the "Pages / Session" metric should look:

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