AstraFit Visual Fitting Room (VFR) widget setup.

VFR code has two parts:

  • Main script (Loader)
  • Widget ‘Button’ HTML tag 

Both codes need to be installed. 


STEP 1: Install Loader script.

Please add Main script to all pages of your website. It is better to place closer to the beginning of the page.

Main script is generated for you in your personal account.

Access your account here Please note that you must

have admin rights to see the installation code. 

The code is located on the page that is indicated by a grey box icon in top menu.


STEP 2: Install Widget ‘Button’.

Code example can also be found here: 

Please note that the example code cannot be used as-is, because there are a number of parameters that you have to add there.

A full list of parameters is provided under the code example in section “Widget's parameters”. 

Please provide as many parameters as possible, because it may affect the functionality.

VFR ‘button’ widget  will load where you place the code.

Basically you need to add one ‘Button’ code to your product page template next to your size selector.


Step 3 - Testing: See the result of the integration. 

Basic logic of the service is to hide widget ‘Button’ when no item’s data is available.

To test the integration there is always a test item in your shop that has the following parameters:

data-id="Test Item Code"

data-brand="Test Brand"

data-brand-code="Test Item M Code"









So if you use these parameters for test then you will certainly see the ‘Button’ widget.


What to do if you have questions:

Please contact . We are always ready to help


What to do after you’ve finished the integration:

Please let our know that you’ve finished and send them a link of a product page with the widget integrated. We will check if everything is working properly and will be able to proceed with setup.

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