How to choose the correct product category

When you click on the “Category” field, a drop-down list opens with all available category options. Look at the garment that you need to measure, and determine which of the listed categories to apply.

We strongly recommend you look through the entire list of categories.

In cases where you’re unable to find a particular category, please choose the one that is most appropriate.

For example: you need to measure specification garment that you refer to as “leggings.” There is no such category in the Assistant. Look for the most appropriate category from the list of options. In this case, the correct category would be, “Women’s trousers and shorts.”

Some important features of defining categories are described below.

Women’s trousers and shorts

Note that a variety of products relating to categories such as “Trousers and shorts,” as well as “skirts” are products with a bib and straps:




It is important not to confuse them with products from the category “Jumpsuits.”

Trousers and skirts with bib and straps are not jumpsuits in the AstraFit system!


A T-shirt is a garment, with a short sleeve made of slightly stretchy, stretchy or very stretchy fabric. Polo shirts are categorized as T-shirts. However!!! If such a product has long sleeves, it is categorized as a sweater.




A tank is a lightweight garment without sleeves, made of slightly stretchy, stretchy or very stretchy fabric. Tanks include tops and bodysuits.





clothing blouse is a light women’s garment made of fine fabric. Traditional blouses have a sleeve, collar and cuffs, often fastened with buttons, but other types are in the form of tunics. Examples of blouses are tunics, shirts and bodysuits.




A sweater is a knitted, sleeved garment, with or without a clasp. Examples of sweaters are: sweaters, jumpers, raglans, sweatshirts, cardigans, half-wits, boleros (if made of knitted fabric) and turtlenecks.




Women’s blazers, men’s jackets

Note!!! “Jacket” refers only to classic men’s blazers, while similar products designed for women are referred to as “Women’s blazers.”

Women’s blazers

A woman’s blazer is a kind of molded short outerwear that has long or short sleeves, can be single-breasted, double-breasted or with a zipper, with or without a collar, and with a lining. Examples of blazers are jackets, tuxedos, spencers, safaris and basques.

Note!!! If a blazer or cardigan is made of knitted fabric and has no clear shape, we include it in the category of “Women’s sweaters.”




Men’s jackets

Men’s jackets are form-fitting garments with sleeves and a cut, fastened from the top to the bottom. Examples of jackets are tuxedos, smoking jackets and blazers.



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