What is AstraFit Cabinet?

The AstraFit Cabinet is designed so that you can create items of clothing using the AstraFit service, and enter product parameters.


To access AstraFit Cabinet, please visit https://cabinet.astrafit.com/login

To authorize your personal AstraFit Assistant account (–hereafter referred to as “cabinet”), you need to enter your login and password.

If you’ve forgotten your login/password, or don’t know it, please contact support@astrafit.com and they will email this information to you once you’ve confirmed your identity.

AstraFit Cabinet structure

"All items" section of AstraFit Cabinet contains all garments SKUs you have on your website.

Here you can also:

  •             Choose any of the existing items of clothing;
  •             Search for items of clothing by code (article);
  •             Filter items of clothing by category.

At the top of the Assistant window, you’ll find a «+» (create product) button, as well as authorization information and the option to switch language. In addition, you’ll see a “support” button, for any questions you may have about AstraFit.

Creating a new item of clothing

To create a new item of clothing in the cabinet, click the «+» (create product) button.

Clicking the button opens a form with the following fields:

  •             Category,
  •             Brand (optional),
  •             Item code,
  •             Sizes.

Important! For the correct creation of the item of clothing in the “Product code” field, you must enter the article, unique within your online store, and which uniquely identifies the product. To create an item, just enter one of any size. The remaining sizes can be added later, depending upon their availability.

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