Basics of measuring in AstraFit Cabinet

Please note: before starting the measurement process, be sure to select the category of the item.

AstraFit Cabinet is very easy to use and allows you to measure clothes with no special equipment or knowledge. This means that anyone can take measurements using our system, simply and quickly. To measure the product, you’ll need to create this product in AstraFit Cabinet, specify the available sizes, and start measuring any one of the sizes by following the instructions.

After filling in the general data on the garment, go directly to the measurements.

To get the best quality of measurements for the garment you should lay it out on a table so it’s as smooth as possible. All buttons and zippers should be fastened up. If there are no fastening elements, the product should be folded along the side seams.

For each category of clothing, measurements are entered according to a certain model. So, for measuring dresses and trousers, the scripts are considerably different.

When measuring, two types of parameters are requested: qualitative and digital.

The digital parameters of the garment require you to record measurements in centimeters. Please note that when measuring, the tape measure should fit snugly against the garment. It’s important to avoid any sagging or excessive tension in the tape measure.

In the center of the screen, drawings illustrate each step of the measurement process.

Under each drawing is a detailed description of the measurement.

Record the measurement, to a 5 mm accuracy, in the cell beneath the illustration. Click “OK” to proceed to the next step. For rounding measurements up to 5 mm, apply the generally accepted rules. To indicate a tenth of a fraction, you can use both a comma and a full stop.

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